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So evidently I really must have done something right this month.  I dang near went double my previous best.  For anyone who has decided to stick around, sweet, I’ll try and keep the cream flowing. 

The big item that really shoved this month over the top was my Open Response to Joan Peterson.  Evidently that was a verbal lashing that people seemed to appreciate.  For the record, when I wrote it I didn’t even really expect it to even be a blip on the radar so that makes it doubly awesome.  By the way, as expected, there has been zero response or acknowledgement of my response by Joan.  Given how it spread like fire it is hard for me to believe that she didn’t see it.

I also got a bunch of feedback that proved how much of a wonderful job I’m doing.  I will have more on that later though.  Sebastian touched on it today but I noticed something this afternoon and I need to do some research and connect the chronological dots.

Thanks to everyone who linked me, and thank you to Uncle that pushed me over the 7000 mark linking my A Taste of Home post. Which I’m glad to say is starting to take off. I’ll blog more on that tomorrow night though.

SSCC #250–Nashville

Poole also awaits trial on 10 counts of sexual assault while on duty, including rape, sexual battery and sexual misconduct stemming from 2010 allegations. He was cleared on a separate charge that he inappropriately touched a woman he was bringing in on a warrant.

Note the keyword also.  See he finally was brought down after he beat his son with a trophy and his son ran to a neighbor and called the police.  The investigation into these issues started all the way back in 2010.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 250:  Jeffrey Pool

Because in the world of arrests and investigation the only thing slower than molasses is investigating the crimes of a police officer.

SSCC #249–Cincinnati

A grand jury indicted a Cincinnati police officer accused of breaking into a home and choking a woman inside.

Ok, he broke into a house and assaulted a woman.  It can’t get any worse right?  Now why do you think I’d bother posing that question!

Court documents indicate that Kiner was accused of stalking the same woman and damaging her car in November and a temporary restraining order was issued against him.

But the case was marked “ignored” on the last court document in late November, indicating the grand jury did not indict Kiner.

Good thing we have that Lautenberg amendment to protect women from abusive stalkers from using firearms.  Thankfully in this case the Officer didn’t use a firearm, however the Brady Campaign will not be lighting a candle for her as she is not a  victim of gun violence.  Not to mention that the officer would still be allowed to carry a firearm while on duty anyway.

Besides the woman was most certainly allowed to survive by the mercy of her attacker:

The 42-year-old Kiner was initially charged Monday with aggravated burglary after he was accused of breaking into a Paul Street home, choking the woman and dropping a gun on her chest before leaving.

Recently I posted on the futility of background checks, and someone in the comments talked about his own experience.  In this case the system totally failed this woman.  However I would like to point out that this woman could have armed herself and put forth a much stronger resistance against a larger opponent.  While the opponent was already armed at the start, it’s better than being left at his mercy.  By god if you’re going to die, at least take the son of a bitch with you to keep him from doing it to someone else.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 249: Ronald Kiner

Because if you see a woman you like, stalk her, break into her house, and choke her.  You’re a cop after all, what’s the worst that could happen.

A Little Taste Of Home

So as many of you are aware there are a bunch of anti-rights cultists staging a boycott on February 14th.  As a response our side of the fence is holding a buycott.

As I’ve been reading through the blogs and Facebook events there are a lot of people who don’t drink coffee.  One particular comment stood out to me today.

Hey, can someone buy one extra for me? I wish I could be there to support but I am doing my part to defend this country.

Let’s hit two birds with one stone.  Lets send our troops overseas a little taste of home.  I’m currently working on contacting Soldiers’ Angels to get the details on where to send donations with no firm destination.

If you are stationed overseas and would like a delivery, please contact me with your APO or FPO address.  I will mail any requests personally directly to you or your unit.  I have no idea how much traction this little idea is going to get, my hope is it gets a lot.

If you would like to participate or donate please contact me and I will keep you filled in with the details.  I want to ensure we fill requests from troops overseas first before sending it to Soldiers’ Angels.  So, just because you don’t drink coffee yourself is no excuse, you can buy a bag of roasted beans and send them to some one overseas who will greatly appreciate it.

Note: If you buy coffee to send overseas, get the pre-ground individual packets.  Keeps it fresher and not everyone is going to have access to a grinder.  Thanks Fred for the reminder.

Quote of the Day–John Doe ( 01/29/2012)

I see a kiosk at the mall.  Right next to the blood pressure machine.

John Doe – Conversation at work last week

[This was said by one of our mechanical engineers at work after I described the work being done by Sebastian and company with CNC machines and home built firearms.

I have to agree, it would be nice to walk into the mall, push a button, and have it build me a nice stripped lower for an AR-15.  All the while members of the Brady Campaign promptly start checking their blood pressure in the machines right next door.

The work done by Sebastian and crew proves that gun control is impossible, no matter how hard the anti rights cultists try the cat is out of the bag.  When it is possible that someone with out any serious mechanical ability and push a button and create a weapon, prohibition is a hopelessly lost cause.  –B]

Background Checks and Firearms

So Joe pointed out today that the new battleground for firearms rights is going to be background checks.  Our opponents are realizing they lost the fight to ban the right to firearms.  His quote points out where much of the future fight is going to be.

Joe points out that background checks are teetering on the edge of registration.  If the FBI runs a NICS check on someone you can be sure they are in the process of buying a firearm.  If they maintain that record they know every individual who purchased a firearm and had a background check.  Currently all this would take is to stop the record deletion after 24 hours.  That’s it, just stop the delete call in their system.

My personal experience has transformed me from someone who would possibly ignore the inconvenience to someone who understands it’s pointlessness, how it allows for the violation of rights, and why it does nothing for the benefit for the security of society. 

For those who are unaware I was charged with 2 felonies, both non-violent, in 2005.  The charges were brought about because of a very bad auto accident.  Both of these charges were dropped and I have never been convicted of a felony.  There is no legal reason, or even social reason  why my right to a firearm should be restricted.  I have never done anything provocatively violent, I have never presented a reason that I am a threat or danger to society.  All that happened was I had a bad accident in poor weather and road conditions.

Now with that history in mind, whenever I go to purchase a firearm the NICS check issues a hold on the transaction.  I am not allowed to pick up the firearm for 5 days until they finish their “background” check.  I had my concealed weapon returned to me by Washington State Patrol after the trial, with a notarized letter from the prosecutor stating there is no reason to restrict my rights to a firearm, and yet I was given a full Deny while trying to purchase a weapon.  It took a full year before that issue was fixed.  I tested it once a month with a friend who has an FFL in Moscow.

It has been said, “A right delayed is a right denied.”

In the case of the year of 2006 however I had every right to a firearm yet I was denied.  Even today I am delayed in exercising my right to purchase a firearm.  I can file with the ATF and FBI to retain my NICS record so the hold will no longer occur.  For those that miss that translation, I waive my right to have them delete the record and enter the realm of having registered myself with them.

There are many who would claim that background checks are a wonderful thing.  Helping to stop domestic abusers from getting firearms and elevating their crimes.  Except it will also prevent a battered woman for seeking a tool that will level the playing field.  The blade cuts both ways and I care more about the cuts towards the innocent and law abiding.  If someone is considered to be such a threat to a person or society that they can not be trusted with a weapon they should be placed in prison.  The Lautenberg Amendment, while well intentioned, violates due process and allows for the confiscation and deprivation of rights of an individual without their facing their accuser. 

There are numerous other tools that can be obtained, without background checks, that are just as dangerous and deadly in the hands of an abusive spouse.  You can’t perform a background check on someone before they’re born.  Doing a background check does nothing to stop someone without a history.  Not only that, there are ways to avoid having a background check when buying a firearm.  Even if you make private firearm transactions illegal, it will still not stop the black market and back alley firearms sales.

I’m all for stopping abusive people from getting their hands on weapons.  My problem is anything can be a weapon and when the “solution” to the problem delays the innocent that the law is trying to protect.  Background checks are nothing but another tool to be used to infringe on a constitutionally guaranteed right, as stated by the SCOTUS in Heller and McDonaldNot that the constitution really matters in this fact anyway.

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SSCC #248 – Barling PD

“Plaintiff by backing
away or beginning to leave was not evading or resisting an arrest at
that point, because there was no evidence of a crime or other basis for
any arrest of plaintiff to be made,” Chief US Magistrate Judge James R.
Marschewski ruled. “At most the evidence established that the severity
of plaintiff’s conduct was the failure to comply with a command of an
officer. While this may be a crime, defendants offered no proof of any
such crime or its severity, and plaintiff was never charged with any
such crime.”

The judge condoned this action though by not holding the officers or department liable for their actions.  Instead of providing a punishment that would instill fear in those who would abuse the public while wearing a shield he issued the following judgement.

The judge found
payment in full of Kirby’s $167 in medical bills covered his actual
damages. The judge also ordered the city of Barling to revise its
unconstitutional taser policy that allowed use of tasers against
individuals passively resisting officer commands. On the question of
pain and suffering, the judge found Kirby was only entitled to $1 in

Someone hit that judge with a taser please because he obviously has no concept of how badly that hurts.  Screw him and the horse he rode in on.  He’s nothing but a petty tyrant that wants to enable other tyrants to work without fear of serious fiscal penalties.  This statement from the judge proves it:

“Although I concluded
excessive force was used on plaintiff, I do not believe the evidence
elicited shows the conduct was motivated by evil motive or intent or
involved reckless or callous indifference to plaintiff’s federally
protected rights,” Marschewski wrote. “At most, the evidence established
that the defendants, in reacting to plaintiff’s desire to leave the
scene and failure to submit to their commands, failed to meet the
situation at hand with an appropriate degree of force.”

Uhh, dumbass he was a passenger in a car, he wasn’t being detained or under arrest, and he was walking to his mother who was going to give him a ride home.  Under those circumstances he had no reason to submit to a pat down, which he verbally refused to.  You’re tyrant ass thinks that him being assaulted over that isn’t a violation of his rights.

There is no question the judge in this instance helped enable the environment where the police department would be so willing to exercise less lethal force when no force is required.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 248: James R. Marschewski

Because when you don’t act like a good sheep the cops can do whatever the hell they want.  They just want you to comply, there’s no malice in that intent right?!  Just surrender your rights like a good little bitch.

via Uncle, with whom I agree, Tar + Feathers and apply liberally.