Quote of the Day – Say Uncle (12/21/2015)

Lost the political debate. Social media has made the debate on guns worse. For the anti-civil rights crowd. Look, Sparky, it’s working just fine. The good guys keep winning the gun debate exactly due to the internet.

Say UncleWhat a lack of educated grass roots has done
December 18th, 2015

[When your only methods of argument are to lie and provide disinformation, of course when information can more easily flow you’re going to lose the debate. In the immortal words, “You can’t stop the signal.”

The issue is they cannot hijack and control the narrative on the internet. Despite what they may think, that’s a feature, not a bug. -B]


Quote of the Day – Braden Lynch (12/16/2015)

I see a whole lot of venom sprayed in my direction, like my exercise of my Second Amendment rights has anything to do with mass murders.

Do they not realize that there are about 100 million firearms owners in America and many more who agree with the right to keep and bear arms? Are we all somehow culpable per their twisted criteria? That is really a stretch. I have equal validity to tell them that since they drink alcohol and drive cars that they are responsible for the most hideous drunk driving accidents. Just silly.

All the dick and masturbation jokes really makes them sound depraved and juvenile.

The violence they wish upon us and the likely bloody results of confiscation attempts shows they are the blood thirsty ones. We simply want to be left alone, but their hoplophobia demands that they attack us. Again, they are pathetic.

Braden Lynch – Comment to Markley’s Law, ignorance, hate, and violence
December 14th, 2015

[I don’t have anything else to add. -B]

Ladd Everitt – Safety for Gay Bashers!!!

I’ve said it before in a nice long post, if you don’t know why I get angry and will go into a rant like what is about to follow, go read the post.

So why a friend forwarded me this article this morning I didn’t think much of it, until I hit the end.

Ladd Everitt, communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said that hate crime is an issue our federal government has taken very seriously, pointing out the Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama in 2009. 

“The law contains explicit protections for members of the LGBT community,” he said. “If groups like Pink Pistols are feeling targeted or under threat, it might be from members of their own community in the pro-gun movement.”

Because people who are so willing to beat the crap out of someone over sexual orientation actually give a crap over some “hate crime” bill. Get real boy wonder. If felony assault or attempted murder charges don’t already phase someone the extra gravy of a “hate crime” charge isn’t going to matter.

Like a restraining order, a law merely a piece of paper and doesn’t physically stop anyone from doing anything. Know what works great to stop someone who hates your race, your sexual orientation, or any other thing about you from physically assaulting you?  A 230 grain hollo-point center of mass. Repeat application until said assailant has stopped his attack on you.

The idea that people who are active in this community, who most of which are devout in securing the civil rights of all, is just complete bull crap. The idea of telling someone who may very well be assaulted over their sexual orientation, “Don’t worry about it, there are hate laws in place. You may die but we’ll send him to prison” just makes me sick. If someone wants to take responsibility for their own self-defense who is that petty tyrant to chastise them, look down on them, or otherwise disparage them. Ladd is nothing more than a sniveling coward who preys upon those who fall victim to evil in this world. Ladd needs evil to triumph to continue his assault on the rights of innocent people, it’s why he is the most evil of evils.

Heaven forbid a person be allowed to choose to exercise their right of self-defense, to say no with such conviction no harm befalls them but hell rains down upon the aggressor.

Then again this is the same asshat that called Joe Huffman and me the most offensive.

Lastly I have numerous friends who are very out of the closet and very active within the community. I have yet to personally see an incident of bigotry against them by the community personally, much less anything even approaching what you claim.  Even then even after years in the community they’ve only run into one or two and they were quickly dealt with and everyone else around was equally pissed off at said individual.

Here’s a direct quote from one of them:

That sorta bigotry particularly offends me both as bigotry per se AND with its wild departure from reality – I have been largely open in the 2A community and with but one or two exceptions received naught but support…

So Ladd, do the world and go fornicate with a rusty chainsaw you bigoted ass. Because quite honestly the only way you can come to some off the deep end conclusion such as yours is if you yourself would try it.

A small win, I’ll Take it.

I wasn’t too happy about how they ruled regarding carrying inside the Post Office, but with regards to the parking lot… AWESOME!

By contrast, prohibiting Mr. Bonidy from securely storing his firearm in his vehicle sweeps too far; the parking lot is not similarly sensitive, and the public safety concerns associated with open carry in the building are not similarly implicated. Therefore, as applied to Mr. Bonidy and his request to use the parking lot with his gun securely stored in his car,the USPS Regulation is not substantially related to the government’s public safety interest. It is an unconstitutional burden on Mr. Bonidy’s freedom under the Second Amendment.

In sum, openly carrying a firearm outside the home is a liberty protected by the Second Amendment. The Avon Post Office Building is a sensitive place and the ban imposed by the USPS Regulation is a presumptively valid restriction of that liberty. The Plaintiff has failed to present evidence to rebut that presumption. The parking lot adjacent to the building is not a sensitive place and the Defendants have failed to show that an absolute ban on firearms is substantially related to their important public safety objective. The public interest in safety and Mr. Bonidy’s liberty can be accommodated by modifying the Regulation to permit Mr. Bonidy to “have ready access to essential postal services” provided  by the Avon Post Office while also exercising his right to self-defense.

You can read the entire decision here:

MSJ Order

It’s a win and a loss.  The loss as read doesn’t surprise me and it is one of those things that serves as a solid reminder that you’re playing a game of chess.  Make sure you have a good solid case for anything you bring before the bar.  Miscalculations, especially when you troll for a criminal case against you, can be damaging to future cases and used as precedent.

This guy had a plan and he shot for the moon but he made it to Orbit and didn’t really get burned against us at all.  They merely stated he hadn’t proven his case.  As I said in the title, I’ll take it.

via Gay Cynic.

Denial, the first stage of grief…

So the wife brought home an article and it is a reminder our fight is not over, but mainly because of their attachment to their false reality.

After struggling to sway both state and federal lawmakers, proponents of expanding background checks for gun sales are now exploring whether they will have more success by taking the issue directly to voters.

While advocates generally prefer that new gun laws be passed through the legislative process, especially at the national level, they are also concerned about how much sway the National Rifle Association has with lawmakers. Washington Rep. Jamie Pedersen, a Democrat who had sponsored unsuccessful legislation on background checks at the state level, said a winning ballot initiative would make a statement with broad implications.

We shutdown the Federal attempt at creating new gun control.  Even an amendment that had some decent support from big names on our side failed.  Lets take a quick look at what new gun laws have been passed even at the state level.

New York:

They railroaded their legislation through in the middle of the night so that the people, not the NRA, could fight it.  The legislation was so full of problems that there was not even a police exemption.


This was railroaded in much the same as New York.  They declared it a legislative emergency to prevent public debate and discussion of the topic.  Notice a pattern here? 

Maryland and Colorado:

Both allowed but limited public debate.  Those supporting gun-control were by far outnumbered but due to time constraints, some people had to wait multiple days to testify.

Where am I going?

I could continue but do you notice a pattern in this?  The fact is we outnumber you. You are in fact the minority and doubly you are a puritan and hate liberty.  You are living in a world of denial.  The NRA has passed the 5.5 million member mark.  At the Boomershoot dinner this year we met a nice old lady who doesn’t even own a firearm that just recently joined the NRA.  Why?  Because she doesn’t support the goals you’re attempting to achieve.

Hell, the NRA Annual Meeting having an attendance size above 60,000.  Tell me, how big was your last Gun Grabber Annual Meeting?  Tell me, how many paying members have come into the rolls of the Brady Campaign and CSGV over the past 5 months?  Wikipedia lists it at under 28,000.  We had more than twice the people pay to attend the annual meeting in Texas than you have in your entire membership.  That’s also in a weak economy where many don’t have excess cash to spend.

News flash to you Mr. Baker I am the NRA and I vote.  There are 5.5 million of us who have joined the NRA to explicitly support our rights, and we all vote.  There are millions more who aren’t members of the NRA but the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a central item to their voting pattern and guess what, they vote too.

I want you to understand something Mr. Baker.  Behind me there are thousands of other gun owners who will fight until the bitter end.  You call me a bitter clinger so by god I might as well just accept the suck.  We will not stop until we sweep you and your hateful compatriots into the dust bin of history where you will sit next to the likes of the KKK.

All your side has is emotion and heart strings.  We have facts, reason, and the support of the majority.  The first step in the grieving process is denial.  You refuse to accept the truth Mr. Baker despite all the facts to the contrary.  You insist on conspiracies and a lack of public support despite all the evidence showing this isn’t true.  You insist that gun owners, as well as those who support their rights, are in the minority without any evidence to prove it.  At the mass convention of your “arch nemesis” you could only route 40 people to protest your enemy.

We routed 2/3 that number on two days notice in a considerably less populated area of Idaho.  And that was to protest a Republican.  Where’s your numbers to support your initiatives for the ballot box?

Stage 2: Anger…

Thanks to Uncle I came across this and didn’t place it yesterday.

Obama Fit

They are angry.  Many of them are moving past the denial stage.  They cannot remain there anymore, they failed when they felt they couldn’t possibly.

This isn’t to say the fight is over or that our victory is assured.  It does however work quite well with this comment from Uncle.

Pelosi says it’s just a matter of time. Most people on the wrong side of history think that until the end.

Their movement is dying, it’s just none of that have or are willing to accept their fate.

I Think Someone Found Acceptance

I don’t know if he has truly accepted the truth, but the under the radar departure makes me think so.

A little Googling later, and I see that Dennis Henigan has left his employer of 23 years without so much as an announcement from the organization thanking him for his contributions. He’s now working with Peter Hamm at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Think about that for a second.  One of the big flag bearers of the gun control movement has packed up and left, without so much as a goodbye, after 23 years.  The way the Brady Bunch shed him is quite interesting, especially in light of their financial situation.

That situation though is yet another example of how they are constantly living in a world of denial.

Dennis, I’m glad that it seems you have finally accepted the truth.  Either that or you accepted your position was doomed to failure, either of which works.

h/t Joe and Sebastian. It was Joe’s post that made me connect it to the stages of grief.

On the Discussion of Gun Control

Often the anti gunners as of late keep asking why we cannot have a discussion regarding gun control.  The fallacy of this shows through in a quote from Joe to start with.

We had the "conversation". Your side lied, cheated, and took unfair advantage at every opportunity. But still your side lost. Big time.

Moving forward though there is an even bigger reason no one is having a discussion with the other side.  No one over there is actually interested in a discussion, all they want is their pipe dreams to be implemented.  Don’t think I’m wrong?  Lets look at the most recent incident that Linoge and Sean have run into.

And here we are, with yet another "gun control" extremist who not only cannot substantiate their own arguments, but who says they welcome discussion but acts in a fashion that says something else entirely. Yeah, I know, nothing new there, but it is worth noting that these folks are still employing the same tactics that have resulted in so very much fail over the past few decades; in the end, "gun control" boils down to the idiocy of "do it again, only HARDER", and its supporters seem hamstrung by the same mentality throughout all facets of their lives.

Go read his post and see what the comment was that caused this individual to black list him.  Now not only is it worth noting though that they engage in “Reasoned Discourse” while claiming to want to have a conversation, but when our side speaks up they may also go the route of shoving the whole post down the memory hole too.

So, to all the anti-rights cultists out there, please enlighten me, if you delete your post, how can there be a conversation?  Even worse though how can you have a conversation if you’re the only one allowed to talk?

I consider this yet another example of our opponents going through the stages of grief.