Gun Control = More Crime

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it until I die. A news paper in the UK has confirmed it.

Disarming the law abiding only serves to protect the criminals!

Suspension of the 4th Amendment

The ACLU has gone after firearms on more than one occasion and has thus ended up on my wolf in sheep’s clothing list. However they came out with a new campaign involving the Constitution recently I will at least call attention to. I do find it interesting they’ll defend the 4th and 1st Amendments but they feel the 2nd Amendment it is somehow different with regards to whose rights it guarantees.

Evidently if you live within 100 miles of any border, including water your 4th Amendment rights have been “suspended”. There were some news articles back in 2003 however this has largely gone unnoticed. While the provision was placed within the 4th Amendment, 100 miles is royal overkill. To make matters even worse however, what is to prevent them from declaring that International airports are not covered under the same provision? 100 miles around any international airport will cover probably 99% of the US.

Time to go rack up some range time.

WSU Hate-Crimes and Forced Victimization

This morning on the radio it was announced that recently there have been hate crimes on the WSU campus. What I heard was “Forced disarmament ensures victims for hate crimes!” Many would look at the geographic location and figure that it’s because we’re “rural” and don’t like people who are different. The fact is though, this is actually pretty far off and one hell of a stereotype. The same crap happened while I was at UW in Seattle. This same stereotype is often used against gun owners. This is even more of a slap since many gun owners view firearms as a line of self defense that EVERYONE has a right to. It is the universal leveler than ANYONE can use to defend themselves.

The fact that the University forces everyone, including those who want and have more need than normal to provide for their own personal defense, to be disarmed is disconcerting.

“I would never have thought this would happen on our campus and I think it shocks the overwhelming majority of campus,” Scheller said.”

While I most certainly agree that it is shocking, as well as saddening. The idea that she believed that it couldn’t happen on the WSU campus was her first mistake.

“We are disturbed and saddened by the recent events,” she said. “Of course we want all our students to feel safe, secure and respected.”

What people do not realize is that the biggest reason for concealed carry is not to “shoot” but to provide a deterrent. No attacker wants to end up in the hospital at the hands of his “victim”. Disarmament serves as an illusion of safety and security. However, when you are attacked while disarmed, how can you effectively fight back, especially when outnumbered or over powered? Besides, these people already are breaking the law, what’s to stop them from using weapons? Another disturbing fact however, is the fact that it appears that the attackers are casing their victims by finding them at the GLBTA sponsored events.

“Hogan, a junior French and Spanish major, said he didn’t recognize the man, but the man recognized him from an event sponsored by the GLBTQ community.”

This shows premeditation in their actions and is quite disturbing.

For those at the University of Idaho or at Washington State University that feel affected by this, please feel free to contact the Palouse Pink Pistols, or myself or anyone else. No one has to live in fear, and no one should!

JPFO and the Current Election

I came across this on another blog I frequent:



By L. Neil Smith <[email protected]>

   Aaron Zelman, founder and executive director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has announced creation of a vital and unique new resource for advocates of the individual right to own and carry weapons.

   _2A Today for the USA_ is a free 23-minute video presentation, a weapon of thought, specifically produced to disrupt and destroy the evil, inhumane agenda of victim disarmers and gun prohibitionists with generous applications of legal and historical truth. Because JPFO encourages the widest possible distribution of this film, it is being offered on the Internet for free, with numerous options for viewing or downloading.

   Quite simply put, in these frightening times we’re living through today, you must use this video — or lose your guns.

   Although many gun rights advocates mistakenly believe that the recent Heller Supreme Court decision was a victory for our side, in fact it authorizes all manner of infringements — in the form of “reasonable” regulation — on the individual right to own and carry weapons. _2A Today for the USA_ sets the legal and historical record straight.

   In the current national election — no matter what political propagandists are saying now — both sides are sworn and established enemies of private, individual gun ownership, who either don’t understand the Second Amendment, or willfully misinterpret it. _2A Today for the USA_ exposes them for what they are: ruthless would-be dictators who find a well-armed populace an inconvenience to their plans.

   One thing is certain: whoever wins this election, we will have no friends in the White House for the next four to eight years. Even if John McCain wins, and Sarah Palin means what she appers to say on Second Amendment issues, she won’t be the boss, and she won’t be able to dissuade her boss from ravaging our rights as he has always tried to do.

   We all know the setup: cowardly Republican president wants some pet bill passed; predatory Democratic congress tacks on an anti-gun hitchhiker; cowardly Republican folds like a dollar bill and more of our rights disappear.

   Clearly, you must use this video — or lose your guns.

   Go to: <> to view or download the movie, which was made possible by JPFO’s members and supporters.

   Please send this announcement to your friends and everyone on your address lists. That should include every gun owner, every gun dealer, every hunting buddy, and everyone else you know.

   Make sure JPFO’s video is seen — as a warning, if nothing else — by anyone in a position to help take your guns away. Start modestly, with just half a dozen city council members, then work your way up to the mayor, city manager, municipal and county judges, county commissioners, the governor, state and federal representatives, senators, and judges.

   What does it cost, how much time does it take, to send an e-mail?

You must use this video — or lose your guns.

   Be relentless with the media — with radio stations, newspapers, and television. Be sure to include any clubs you may belong to: they all start their meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance, make sure they know what it really means.

   Don’t overlook “friends of the NRA” — they need to be shown the truth more than most. Here’s something you can do: tell your friends that when they are approached by various gun groups for money, they should demand that the group encourage their members to watch _2A Today for the USA_ on the Internet or there will be no more donations or memberships for phony “freedom fighters”.

   Tell them they must use this video — or lose their guns.

   Follow whatever viewing or downloading procedure best suits your preferences, and download/bandwidth options. PC users can right click and choose “save target as” on links to download the files to your computer. There are also links to YouTube and Blip.TV. Please email us if you have any problems.

   Again, <>

   Remember, you must use this video — or lose your guns.


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