SSCC #369–San Jose

Unfortunately private party sales aren’t legal in the state of California like they are here in free America.  However the following is worth a note:

Now, it is NOT a crime to have all your REAL guns laid out for sale and allow people to look at them and commit to buying them and follow up at a gun store later. So either way, he had NO right to come on our property and check our guns. So probable cause goes out the window.

It also takes all of about three seconds to determine it’s airsoft and further he could have asked permission prior to touching.  If it had been a real firearm cop or not I would yell at him to put it down.  You NEVER touch someone else’s firearm without permission.

Once he was told to leave, he needed to immediately.  If he has “the right by law”, I want the cite.

He’s on the count because not a damn thing will happen to him.  There were much more civil ways to deal with that call than the way he did which was the Cartman method.

State Sponsored Criminal #368: Officer Tom Tiphayachan

Because a garage sale means that you can do as much digging as you want and you can’t be trespassed if you’re a cop right!?

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