A Lesson in Proper Ventilation

Three thugs attempt to rob a jewelry store. The store owner responds with a tribute of hot lead providing excess ventilation to the lung cavities.

On my many different lists of rules, the one when dealing with men in general comes to mind:

Rule 1: Never fuck with a man’s family!

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This is all sorts of AWESOME!

I’m really freaking hungry after watching this.

I think I may have to throw a party this summer and make one these. I’m sure I have some friends that would help.

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There was a shooting during a school board meeting in Florida.

What is completely unsurprising is the fact that the “shooter” was stopped after an armed individual returned fire. He actually killed himself after the armed individual returned fire.

I would like to point out there was this incident as well recently. The homeowner is damn lucky. I would have either waited outside, or found a way to pull down the tarp. Further upon seeing the intruder had a weapon pointed at me, I would have dropped him. That is NOT the time to hesitate. The only reason I think that home owner survived is because it ended up the firearm was unloaded. Problem is though Rule #1 says I should fear for my life, PERIOD. Never the less though the homeowner successfully defended his property, but entering the way he did was a huge risk. That tarp doesn’t provide cover, and will display your location.

The shooter killed himself after being injured by the security officer. What is even more interesting from this new article is the following:

State records show Duke, 56, served four years in prison about a decade ago for aggravated stalking and other crimes.

Doing some more digging he is in fact a convicted felon. It’s a double failure, < Begin Sarcasm > I thought that the laws were supposed to keep this from happening!< End Sarcasm >

Now reporting your neigbor…

Is as easy as running an app on your iPhone!

This is wrong on so many levels it drives me insane that someone would actually willingly download it. It reminds me of Nazi Germany telling school children to report their parents and any other suspicious behavior they see.

What is most annoying though is they call it the “Patriot” app. These people wouldn’t know what a patriot is if it jumped up and bit them right in the ass.

The app should be called either “Brown shirts” or “1-800-Dial-a-Nazi”.

But remember….

If you attempt to use a firearm to defend yourself, the attacker will take it and kill you with it.

At this point, I would say the Brady campaign should be forwarding this advice to criminals, not the law abiding.

My applause to the woman who fought back and won.


H/T to Uncle for the idea to use the Gun Control line.