When One Fight Ends…

When one fight ends another one is surely to follow.  HB 1016, the suppressor bill, was finally signed into law yesterday.  Under the table however within the past couple days, one of only 4 people who didn’t support the bill has introduced new legislation.

Representative Ross Hunter, who amazingly enough is the chair of the Ways and Means committee, has introduced legislation to repeal one of the most beneficial self-defense laws Washington State has.  He want’s to repeal RCW 9A.16.110, which allows for reimbursement of legal defense costs when a person is acquitted of a crime on the basis of self-defense.

Why he is attacking this law specifically is unclear, however it most likely pertains to attempting to balance the budget.  This however is not how one goes about balancing the budget.  One does not throw law abiding citizens who have been wrongly brought before the bar because of an act of self defense to be bankrupted by the state.  They were a victim in the crime committed against them or their family and then they are further victimized by overzealous prosecutors who then give bonuses for convictions

The prosecutor has discretion regarding whether to bring a case before the bar, as such if you want to save the state money, make him responsible for the reimbursement of legal costs.  If someone is found not guilty by reason of self-defense, the prosecutors office is then responsible for paying the legal fees.  Employees in the office are not paid until the reimbursement is settled.  If the office is no longer able to prosecute cases so be it.  Prosecuting someone for defending themselves, family, or another innocent should seriously hurt.  Making the prosecutor liable for the costs would certainly help.  This will actually cut costs doubly since prosecutors wont be paying for court fees either in cases that should never appear before the bar.

Please contact the members of the House Ways and Means Committee and make your voice heard.  This is completely unacceptable and does nothing more than allow our law abiding citizens to be victimized twice.  Once by the criminal and again by the state.

Update: It appears that it may have been already pulled from the agenda for tomorrow. I’m going with trust but verify. I am writing an email to my rep who’s on the committee to verify. I will keep you all posted.

Update 2:I just got an email from Joe Schmick:

The bill has been pulled from the agenda. We will have to wait and see if it indeed stays off the agenda for the remainder of the week.

I have received numerous calls and emails on this topic over the last few days. Not one person has contacted me in support of the bill. I am hearing loud and clear to oppose the bill.

Due to the concern of it appearing on the agenda again, contact your reps if you have not already.

21 Days of Boomershoot-Day 4(2011)

Here at Boomershoot, we believe in helping the environment as much as possible.  That’s why do our best to make sure that every detonation provides a suitable amount of CO2 to help offset the losses created by hybrid cars everywhere.


It’s Official, HB 1016 has Passed

This afternoon Governor Gregoire signed HB 1016, the suppressor bill into law. It passed the senate overwhelmingly as well as the house.

What this means:

  • 90 days from now the end of session this law will go into effect. At that time you will be legally able to discharge any suppressor you legally own under the NFA. You’re good as of July, 23rd.
  • No longer must you go out of state to protect your ears and use a common safety device, we finally won this skirmish here in Washington.

Next on the docket from the people who did more of the leg work is a change to allow SBRs. As that moves forward I will keep you all up to date.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and contacted their legislators to help make this happen.

21 Days of Boomershoot-Day 3(2011)

The fireball last year was considerably better than the year before. Notice the flying plastic in the upper left from the jug of gasoline.


  The year before one of the explosives didn’t detonate, the result and what it should have looked like can be seen here:

2009 Boomershoot video footage, skip to 1:00 for the fireball

A Most Excellent Dinner

The wife informed me last night that steak was on the menu but neither of us were sure exactly what kind of steak we wanted.  To the freezer we went, where I promptly grabbed a package of T-Bones and I then began the process of cleaning the grill  from it’s winter slumber.

After some scrubbing, cleaning, and a new coat of seasoning onto the cast iron we were ready.  Here’s the result:


The steak was a wonderful medium rare, the asparagus and carrots were excellent.  It helps they were pan fried using bacon fat instead of butter along with a couple fresh cloves of garlic.  The dry rub combined with a mix BBQ sauce basting towards the end kept it juicy.  You can definitely tell the cow was grass fed instead of grain fed when you bite in.  The Spumante was great, sadly the sulfites started to get the wife at the end because she liked it as well.

It was a great way to kick off the beginning of the grilling season again.  Sadly the weather switched back to cold and overcast.  I’ve decided to risk it and am now taking the snow blower off the tractor and putting the mower deck back on.

21 Days of Boomershoot–Day 2 (2011)

Dave from RNS has the comfort and efficiency side figured out.

  1. Load your ammunition into a cooler, reasonably sized of course, and it makes it much easier to carry in fewer trips.  Also with a handle on each side someone can help, instead I took a picture.

  2. Have a nice awning covering and then provide all the necessary comforts of home.


21 Days of Boomershoot–Day 1 (2011)

Here’s an opening set of pictures in a countdown to BoomershootBoomershoot for me starts full bore in 19 days.DSC_0130

Opening shots from the high intensity event Friday night 2010. _MG_3374

Shooters from the second wave Friday 2010.


Boom, Boom, KaBoom. Nothing quite compares to that thump to your chest when you smack a boomer.


Some reassembly required.

Helping Mother Gaia One Step at a Time

Last October the wife, a friend, and I headed out to the Boomershoot site to help Joe with some work.  Joe previously covered it here.  As I was going through pictures today, I noticed I took about 1350 pictures while we were out there and I never did a post on it.  That just seems kind of wrong.  Though it does appear the wife just held down the shutter button while I was on the dozer.

As this was on 10/10/10 which evidently was some environmentalists wet dream of an idea for some such crap or another we felt like doing our part to help the environment.


Ford Earthfucker Jr. with a quite literally earth fucking dozer.  The actual goals for the day was to get some pre-winter work done to aid the berm so it will be more comfortable for the end positions come the end of the month.  Here’s a few of the pictures from the process.


Joe started off and made it look “easy”.  Sadly you can’t see his expression in that picture but it was best described as “I meant to do that.”DSC_3311

After Joe got the addition started he began teaching me to use the dozer, as you can see I’m porpoising quite badly.  Backing up over it hurt, there’s no shocks and the seat is about as fluffy as 1/4 steel.  It was a strong motivator to do it right!


Eventually though I made Mother Gaia my bitch and started cutting smooth swaths to add to the berm.  Once I was doing it repeatedly and established my own confidence that I was in fact doing it myself and not by blind luck I passed it off to my buddy Matt.


Porpoising doesn’t even begin to describe his adventure, more like a dolphin in a boats wake.  After a couple passes he gave up.  Then  we got TMW to do it.


She didn’t fully drop the blade on her first pass.  This was her discovering the bumps matt had previously left.  If you don’t hear from me over the next week, assume she killed me for posting that picture.  She actually enjoyed it though.  Those heavy bumps however were enough to get her to want to stop.


Joe then proceeded to finish packing everything down and clean up the mess the rest of us made.DSC_4130

While he finished that up, we went and blew up some stuff down at the tree line.  Why else would there be a solid white object down there(look to the left of Joe’s head)?  We needed to add some extra CO2 into the atmosphere to offset the smug emissions from some of the new hybrids showing up in the area.


I think on that note, I may try and set up a post a day for the rest of this month using pictures from the past two three years of Boomershoot.