Friday Gun Porn–6/3/2011

One of Dave’s babies chambered in .223.


The One Legged Maniac gets introduced to shooting rifle caliber pistols.  It is addicting.


No Ice Cream Today

For some reason I just can’t get any flow tonight and I’m not sure how well it’s going to work this weekend.  Sunday I will probably have something up.  In the mean time here’s what I saw out my front window last summer on a frequent basis.


We’re moving into June now and I’ll start seeing and hearing them more often.  They are an absolute blast to watch in action.  Those guys are seriously nuts. 


This is one of the upsides to living in BFE in the middle of farm country.  You never see this in the city.


Playing with Microsoft ICE

So Ry told me about the Microsoft Image Composite Editor and I finally got around to playing with it and created this from some pictures I shot a year ago.


I’m headed to a car show this weekend and I’ll probably do some playing there and see what I can create.