Given the history of the LVPD, this one isn’t surprising.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Board is recommending the firing of a police officer for shooting a man in the leg in November.

The officer evidently can appeal the decision.  From what I could find this has *keep your “boogerhook off the bang switch,” written all over it.

Why would I include this in the count, what would happen if any of us had a negligent discharge into a person?

State Sponsored Criminal: Jacquar Roston

Because when you’re a cop, the 4 rules don’t matter.


A city cop was charged with assault early Monday following a domestic dispute at his Brooklyn home, the NYPD said.

Hmm, and is it any surprise that Bloomberg only wants his army armed within New York?

State Sponsored Criminal: Sony Joseph

Because in Mayor Bloomberg’s world only the members of his army should be armed, everyone else is at their mercy.

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