Was It Good For You?

Now it is worth noting, there is a law of diminishing returns on the appearance and effect of explosives and their weight.  If you ever pay attention and just keep increasing the weight by the same amount it doesn’t actually increase by the same punch every time.

That said,  I would have loved to feel the thump in my chest from that one.  I’d ask Joe if we could recreate it, but I know the answer would be an emphatic “NO!”  Though that one had a pretty weak shock-wave.

Your Awesome Video For Friday…

That takes some serious skill.  Maintaining a drift in a car is pretty hard but doing it on a bike is down right insane.

Yes Please…

So I avoid paying attention to new video games because frankly it just kills my productivity.  I’ve got ton’s of other stuff to do so playing games while I do it still from time to time just can’t occupy so much time.  So when I saw this trailer over at RNS I started drooling.

My immediate comment was with a speech like that, yes you make me want to get that game.  My coworkers fell over laughing when I made the comment, “Who doesn’t like smacking a Red Coat in the face with a tomahawk?”

So when I saw this today all I could think was AWESOME!

Yes, I  think this is going to be one of the few games I do pick up.  I liked Assassin’s Creed and as I said, I wouldn’t mind  being able to smash a Red Coat in the face.

Boomershoot Volume #1

Just got an email from Ari at ESS that Volume #1 of the Boomershoot series has gone live.  See, I knew there was more.

It appears that they will be releasing the other 4 videos, one a week at 0600 Wednesdays.  I shall post them as I see them.  Their blog post on Boomershoot can be seen here.

So That’s What It Looks Like…

From the right front seat of an EA-6B.  As this route is out of the PNW, WA to be exact, I’m reasonably sure my dad probably saw it first hand.

Earworm Wednesday–09/26/2012

Today’s a flashback day.  This one came out while I was a senior in high school.

Limp Bizkit – Take A Look Around

I’ve been on a Bizkit kick as of late, not really sure why.  Here was my original choice but I am trying to keep this blog SFW.  So your choice on hitting play. There’s nothing explicit or nudity, though highly suggestive.  Most note worthy is… high speed photography + bikini + bouncing = AWESOME! 

Seriously, if you’re at work, you might just want to save it for home.

Limp Bizkit – Golden Cobra

Yet Another Person Exposing Secrets

*Updated* For some reason it embedded the wrong video.
Remember folks, this is all fake.  Washington looks nothing like this and all the animals you see are in the zoo.  You do not need to come to Washington to see this, you will be totally disappointed.

All you have to remember is it is cloudy in those “beautiful areas” 226 days out of the year.  Remember, that gloomy weather is linked to depression.  So if you do come, please just visit, we’ve already got an influx from California we’re dealing with.

Ear Worm Wednesday (9/19/2012)

Didn’t have one planned, then I saw Lindsey Stirling has new dubstep up!

Lindsey Stirling – Elements

If you missed her first venture into dubstep, here it is again.

Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize