Busy Day, pardon the light posting

In a long business meeting today and tomorrow.  Currently I feel the urge to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

Fun thing is to see the main players involved in the discussion, count all the extra engineers in the room, figure in hourly engineering wages, this is one expensive meeting.

So enjoy this picture and read some of the folks in the blog roll on the right.


I had been meaning to post this before.  That shirt is just awesome!

Quote of the Day – rstoddart(06/14/2012)

I am an Engineer,
My job is to make things work.
To save lives, increase productivity, and make the future.
I deal with facts, numbers, and calculations.
My work is to avoid the impossible, and find the loophole in the limits of materials and systems.
Anything you want that interferes with above, I cannot abide.

I am not here to be your friend.

rstoddart Comment to this comic.


[Seriously all I can think with that is truth

On more than one occasion I have said something that has hurt someone’s feelings because well, if I didn’t it would violate the above.  If I’m curt or think that what I said was unbelievably mean, read the above and understand it’s not necessarily you, it’s just your brain and the ideas it creates. -B]