Coming to a Mall Near You

With everyone refusing to have their privacy and 4th Amendment rights violated by TSA at the airport, They have decided to expand to commonly traveled areas.

I’ve already seen that the TSA is worse than Russia in 1989. However with the tactics and the rate that they’re expanding, I’m seriously beginning to wonder when people are going to start “disappearing” in the night to never be seen or heard from again.

DHS and TSA are both totally out of control and obsessed with power. The worst part of all of this though is we’re told it’s for our own good. William Pitt has expressed my feelings on that type of sentiment quite well.

Update: Some coworkers and I were talking and trying to figure out why they would want to screen malls. Then it dawned on us, the number of teenage girls at malls is through the roof. Coupled with their soccer mom escorts, it’s a sexual predators wet dream.

If you speak out against us…

we will raid your house, and destroy you.

I guess it’s positive they haven’t started loading people into train cars yet.

Smell That?

Smells Like Fear.