Ear Worm Wednesday – 12/7/2011

Given today is Pearl Harbor Day I found this a fitting entry.  Doubly so since the band is still donating part of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

But don’t forget, Linoge
has an awesome fundraiser going for Soldiers’ Angels
with great prizes.  Go now!  He needs more contestants since he got more prizes!

Ear Worm Wednesday – 11/30/2011

So some how I have missed Your Favorite Martian.  It’s a tie between these two.  First though has a slight edge.  Because well who doesn’t!

Frankly I love em!

And that’s just hilarious.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 11/23/2011

With where I live this is a wonderful song.  When I feel like it I can commute to and from work for the most part on nothing but gravel.  Though most people would consider the highways out here back roads too.

I am trying to keep this up beat and happy, though I thought about this one but it has a nasty habit of getting dust in the air.

I don’t know why that song pops in my head every once in a while.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 11/16/2011

Don’t know why but I love both the song and the music video.

I think it’s probably because I remember playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, and god knows how many other games where we had a massive shootout just like at the end.  Sometimes I think it wouldn’t be too bad to be a kid again.  Then I remember I play with guns, explosives, and power tools on the weekend.  I think I’m good here.

Ear Worm 11/11/2011 – Veteran’s Day Edition

Today’s ear worm goes out to all of our veteran’s currently over seas as well as those here at home.

A thanks to: Nick, Oliver, Mikel, Doug, Allen, Christine, John, Mike, Al, Tom, Ken, Andrew, Becca, Matt, and so many others that I know.

New Ear Worm 10/31/2011

So I’ve been hearing this a lot on Sirius (Octane) as of late.  It didn’t really get it’s worm on until today when I had to pass someone.  Now the dang thing won’t leave my head.

Previously there was a discussion for what music would you want playing as you run out of ammunition in a fight with zombies.  This one is currently at the top of that list, for now anyway.

*For those that don’t know, my music tastes cover just about everything except pop.  That crap can go die in a fire.  Rock, classical, and country all live in my MP3 player.