SSCC: DeKalb County

A sergeant with the DeKalb County police department was arrested Wednesday morning after an alleged assault against a teenager days earlier at a McDonald’s, according to police.

Scott A. Biumi, 48, of Cumming, was charged with aggravated assault in the April 9 incident at the McDonald’s on Old Atlanta Road, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said.

He was wearing his badge and driving an unmarked car.  If a person had defended themselves you can bet they’d be charged with assaulting a police officer and could very well be dead from the overwhelming response from his friends after keying the radio.

The officer hasn’t been fired though the police Chief claims not to tolerate that kind of behavior… I guess seeing video of it happen wasn’t enough to seal the deal.

State Sponsored Criminal: Scott A. Bimumi

Because when you’re a cop and you get a craving for a Big Mac, assault anyone who stalls you.

SSCC Bakersfield

The Bakersfield Californian reported 33-year-old David Sal Silva died early Wednesday morning in the hospital after he was struck an unknown amount of times by nine authorities seeking to subdue him. Silva was considered possibly intoxicated and an autopsy is expected to reveal if he was killed by injuries sustained in the beating or other complications.

Unexpectedly the police seized the video and have refused to return the devices.  Evidently the whole copying a file thing is new to them.  Most likely they’re trying to destroy evidence.

Due to the number of officers involved this one makes the count because not a single one of them did anything to stop the unnecessary application of force.

State Sponsored Criminal: Bakersfield Police Department

Because when you have 9 men and a man begging for his life, beat him to death.  The law’s on your side right?

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SSCC Honorable Mention: Delaware County

A longtime Delaware County sheriff’s deputy is facing assault and reckless endangerment charges in Lehigh County after allegedly opening fire on his own car as the woman he lent it to attempted to flee, authorities said.

Gregory Todd Price, 53, of the Drexel Hill section of Upper Darby, was arrested Tuesday by Allentown police and charged with one count of simple assault and three counts of recklessly endangering another person.

Remember though, the police are the only ones trained enough in the legal use of deadly force and the proper and safe handling of a firearm.

That man get’s a pass to carry a firearm, even in places other people who are licensed can’t.  Didn’t stop him from being an idiot though now did it.

I should probably strike the Honorable Mention from this considering he will probably resign to save face.  Never mind the fact anyone working in the private sector would get the boot from their employer in an event such as this.

State Sponsored Criminal (HM): Gregory Todd Price

Because cops get a free pass to threaten, intimidate, and deploy deadly force without cause.


Given the history of the LVPD, this one isn’t surprising.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Board is recommending the firing of a police officer for shooting a man in the leg in November.

The officer evidently can appeal the decision.  From what I could find this has *keep your “boogerhook off the bang switch,” written all over it.

Why would I include this in the count, what would happen if any of us had a negligent discharge into a person?

State Sponsored Criminal: Jacquar Roston

Because when you’re a cop, the 4 rules don’t matter.

SSCC Seattle PD

A veteran Seattle police officer pleaded not guilty today to an assault charge stemming from a confrontation with a handcuffed man who had assaulted the officer’s wife, also a Seattle police officer, during an incident in September.

Now this isn’t that I do not understand, but officers are expected to adhere to and respect the law.  They are to lead by example.

State Sponsored Criminal: Christopher M. Hairston

Because when you’re a cop and someone attacks your wife, you get a free pass to go beat the hell out of the SOB who did it.


But a TSA supervisor was himself caught on videotape last month stealing 12 Tylenol pills from a passenger’s luggage in Syracuse, according to a police report.

Stealing Tylenol, really?  I thought by the headline he was stealing prescription pain killers.  He was either fired or resigned that day and there has been no word of criminal charges.

State Sponsored Criminal Jeremy Hemingway

Because with the war on drugs, when you see some drugs steal them.  You can figure out what they are later.

State Sponsored Criminals: FBI and BATFE

Given today is the 20th anniversary of the end of the Waco siege, it stands to reason that I would place that event on the list.  The acts committed this day were horrible and no one was ever held accountable for the decisions and actions that led to the deaths of 76 people, including 27 children.

I remember coming home from school that day.  I remember going up to my dad while he sat in his chair fixated on the TV.  I do not remember what it was I had done that I wanted his attention for.  I do remember him promptly picking me up as I started to speak and putting me on his lap while telling me to be quiet.  When I looked at the TV, this is what I saw.


At the time I didn’t understand what was going on.  I didn’t understand what my dad knew happened 8 months earlier.

I was in 3rd grade, I had no real concept of the details of what was going on.  Later I would receive that education, my dad would make sure I was aware of what I saw in the flickering glow of that television.  This day marks one of two major events that molded my relationship with the state.  It was a lesson delivered front and center about power and the abuses that can be dealt to citizens without any fear of consequence.

I am not putting a number with this.  Frankly I’m getting tired of trying to keep track of which number I’m on.  Further this event was so horrible and had so many actors one can not easily list them, much less enumerate them.

State Sponsored Criminals: The BATFE and FBI

Because by all means kill the victims you claim to be there to save, that’s how you make yourself look good right?

SSCC #570: San Diego County

San Diego County and a sheriff’s detective might be liable for using excessive force and conspiring against a deputy’s ex-girlfriend with a “SWAT-like” raid of her home, the 9th Circuit ruled Tuesday.

The federal appeals panel in Pasadena, Calif., revived Michelle Cameron’s excessive force and conspiracy claims against San Diego County and Sheriff’s Detective Michelle Craig.

Why would the officer do such a thing?  To intimidate his ex to gain an advantage in the ongoing custody dispute.

State Sponsored Criminal #570: Michelle Craig

Because when you’re a cop in a custody dispute, use physical force and hide behind the law while doing so to intimidate your ex-spouse.