TSA, Lost Fliers and EPIC Lawsuits

Via Oleg: TSA behavior is causing more and more people to quit flying.  Not only that but it is causing people who are nude models to be uncomfortable.  The whole concept that one group of strangers is allowed to record intimate pictures of individuals without their consent while others can just don’t make sense.  Not to mention the fact that the TSA has been known to hire sexual deviants. Back in 2004 I swore I would never fly again until The Security Theater is abolished.  I know many others who will only fly commercially for business and tourism in the US has decreased due to the TSA.

Via Alan: The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed lawsuit against the TSA for their security scanners.  The TSA has filed a brief in response, but what really got my attention about their brief:

DHS explains why the Court should not stop TSA from using the naked body scanners until the legality of it all is decided.

Translation: “So we’re breaking the law and we would like to be allowed to continue to do such until such time as you actually issue your ruling saying we’re breaking the law.”    The TSA Steals, Molests, and Abuses our American citizenry under color of law.  They should be destroyed.  If only there was a way.

Quote Of the Day–John Adams, 01062011

If men through fear, fraud or mistake, should in terms renounce and give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave. – John Adams

Currently our leaders would like us to believe that terrorism shall annihilate us all.  This tactic of fear is then used as the necessity for the TSA to violate our rights and humiliate us.  They tell people that A Security Theater will stop the terrorists and make them safe again.  This has been proven anything but true.  When TSA fails, it is those abused by the TSA who do actually save the day.  The fact is, the TSA is a joke, they are ineffective, and the methods being used to trample our rights are fear and fraud.  Some have been willing to give up their rights but the thing is, it’s not theirs to give up.  Who has any right to walk up to someone else and say, “Sir you need to give up your rights so the rest of us can have the illusion of security.”  It is one thing if you want to give up the right yourself, fine that’s your business.  However no one has any right to infringe on someone else’s rights.  Furthermore, absolutely no one of this world has the right or ability to take it away.

TSA and the Law

Janet Napolitano played down the idea of migrating to an Israeli type security screening at airports here in the United States despite the back lash from the sexual assaults intrusive patdowns and screenings.

“There are some differences in the laws and the legal constraints that we abide by,” she said. “There may be some things that can be shared (with Israel) and some things that would not … The practices and techniques that we use will differ and do differ.”

What Janet really means by that statement is, “Currently we are actually violating the law, should we stop we might loose control over some of the sheep we have trained.”  By violating the 4th Amendment you have already shown the fact that you completely disregard the law, including the most important ones.


No you do not have to violate anyone’s 4th Amendment rights because they want to fly.  This is absurd and beyond belief.  There is absolutely no justification for it.  They attempt to claim justification but the truth of the matter is that necessity is the plea of every infringement!  How many people has TSA actually saved?  On the other side of that equation though, how many people abused by the TSA has stopped a terrorist attack?

This whole thing is a farce and a power grab.  This whole mess is worse than Russia in 1989.  What the hell is it going to take to wake these sheep up?