A New Personal Best

Today I spent some time behind Joe’s .300 Win Mag.  My previous long distance best for regular confirmed shots was at 700 yards.  3 inch targets that explode are a great method of hit confirmation.

Today thought my new personal best for repeated consistent hits is 957 yards.  There was a steel plate and hits were audibly confirmed and impact points were visible through trace.

I am quite pleased with myself.  Unfamiliar rifle to both Joe and I since it wasn’t zeroed and hadn’t been shot regularly.  Joe’s app made life much easier, but I am quite pleased with the number of times I rung that gong.

Now to sit back and chat.  Enjoy this picture from Drang.


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One Response to A New Personal Best

  1. Miguel says:

    I swear, the only think holding me back is I can’t seem to win the Florida Lotto. Then again i have to remember to buy a ticket from time to time.
    Great shooting!