SSCC #405-#407: Woodbury

When the gunman who had been tormenting the group told Henderson to go to the window to see if any police were outside, Henderson took his chance and made a beeline for the door. The kidnapper opened fire at him in response but missed. As Henderson bolted out the door toward them, Woodbury police opened fire and cut him down.

That’s right, the victim was shot and ultimately killed by the police for trying to escape his captor.  Supposedly he wasn’t listening to commands, probably because there was a man with a gun behind him trying to shoot him.  The police assumed he was armed and killed the hostage.

No worries for the cops though:

The three Woodbury police officers who fired their weapons are on standard paid administrative leave. They are officer Anthony Ofstead, an 11-year veteran; officer Stacey Krech, who’s been with the department for five years, and officer Natalie Martin, who’s been with the department for two years.

It is interesting that we constantly hear about how great less lethal options are and in the middle of a standoff no one seemed to think that might be a good idea for when a hostage escapes.  Evidently a hostage is supposed to just obey their captor and hope the aggressor decides to let them live.

The lesson from this, the cops will not save you, they will shoot you.  If you want to survive someone holding you hostage, kill them yourself.

State Sponsored Criminals #405: Anthony Ofstead

#406: Stacey Krech

#407: Natalie Martin

Because a hostage trying to escape is totally a viable target. Because you know a man trying to engage you with a firearm will be running as fast as he can while trying to shield himself.  Good hostages know to obey the police so they can be shot by the aggressor.*

While some may say I am “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” it doesn’t matter.  Law abiding citizens, even more than that, victims of crime have the right to be able to go home at the end of the day.  That right exists more so than those who serve in law enforcement.  If those officers dislike it, they can find a new profession.  They killed an innocent man and will suffer no consequence for doing so.  The victim had no weapon on him and received a treatment of lead from his “saviors” while trying to escape his captors.

At minimum it’s manslaughter, you can even claim involuntary if you want, but they hold the responsibility.

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3 Responses to SSCC #405-#407: Woodbury

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    The combination of Sad and Sickening is almost too great to bear…

  2. Phssthpok says:

    Good hostages know to obey the police so they can be shot by the aggressor…..even though they have probably just been rendered deaf by the man shooting at him from the the house he just exited…while being shot at….IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE.