Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman (12/17/2012)

These people enabled the murder of dozens of people, mostly children, by a single person. If a private citizen had enabled these murders they would be facing massive civil liability and probably criminal charges. Government employees should not be exempt. If we don’t have the prison space for all of them then turn the drug addicts, prostitutes, and other “criminals” who committed victimless crimes loose and make the room. These public servants stripped people of their rights to keep and bear arms and then put signs up advertising “Gun Free Zone”. It’s bad enough to enable cold blooded murder but to advertise the fact they enabled it and to be proud of it is seriously sick and criminal. This can and should be used as evidence against them at their trials.

Joe Huffman – Let’s have the conversations

December 17, 2012

[I’ve felt for a while that both the government and private entities shared culpability in mass shootings that occur within gun free zones.  The forcible disarmament of victims, especially by force of law, to me implies an assumption of responsibility for safety by the ruling party.

We all know however that the law exempts itself from such responsibilities  yet they create areas where the citizens are disarmed to be nothing more than defenseless victims for evil monsters.

I’m glad to see I’m not alone with these types of thoughts. -B]

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