An inanimate object did what?

So I came across this online tonight, “A gun took his son, now Rock Hill dad puzzled by NRA rally.” I fail to understand how the gun magically pointed itself at your son, pulled its own trigger, and then hopped in the car and drove off.

In 1998, Krenn’s 16-year-old son, Erik, was dropping off a buddy on Rock Hill’s South Jones Avenue when four guys carjacked Erik.

Oh wait, it was four individuals that car-jacked your son Erik, pointed the firearm at your son, and then pulled the trigger. These four individuals had no respect for the law then, what makes you think that banning firearms from the hands of law abiding citizens is going to change anything.

Reading the article though, we can tell there is absolutely zero bias and this was in no way written by a bigot.

Erik was shot with a Saturday Night Special handgun, and died. Among them, the four scoundrels got 120 years in prison.

Oh wait, Saturday Night Special, that’s the term coined by politicians to prevent poor blacks from being able to buy firearms for self defense from the Klan in the south. But that statement isn’t bigoted at all.

Not hunting guns, or sportsmen’s guns – Krenn isn’t worried about people deer hunting – but handguns and assault rifles.

So he’s just concerned about people being able to defend themselves and a class of rifles whose definition changes on the whim of politicians. Assault weapons bans actually focus on banning safety features. A pistol grip, a collapsible stock, and a barrel shroud all serve to aid in usability, prevent injury, and tailor the rifle to the operator.

The loss of his son hurts; however blaming that on inanimate objects is not the solution and will not help his grief. The men who committed that atrocious crime are responsible, not the gun. One final question, if defensive firearms are banned, how would one defend themselves from an armed criminal? The police obviously did not save your son, so you cannot expect us to believe that lie. Response is measured in minutes, combat takes seconds. You sir want to rob law abiding citizens of their ability to save their own lives. This woman would be dead if you had your way. This woman would still have her husband if it was not for bigots like yourself.

My suggestion is to seek some grief counseling and seek treatment for your Hoplophobia. Attacking law abiding citizens and forcing them to end up victims like your son serves no purpose. If I had a son who ended up a victim because of your bigotry I would have every reason to be angry because he was robbed of the liberty of self-defense. Your son was the victim of criminals, not an inanimate object.


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