Pullman’s prospective new police chief

So I just found out that the choice for Pullman’s new police chief is a Captain from Claremont California. I have never had any issues in Pullman with concealed carry; however I have heard from other friends that have had issues with the chief but not with Pullman officers however. I was not able to attend the meeting however I wish I could have so I could have asked what his stance on concealed carry and his views on self-defense.

As the police chief is mainly a bureaucrat I’m not too overly worried about it, especially with how the officers themselves act and conduct themselves. We shall wait and see; if I end up running in to Commander Tennant at some point I’ll make sure to ask what his thoughts are on the new chief. I must say though I really would have preferred for Commander Tennant to become the new police chief from my experiences talking with him.

As I no longer live in Pullman however it doesn’t affect me too much though I do still work there.

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