Yet another No-Knock Fiasco

A 7-year old girl has been killed by a police officer executing a no-knock warrant. What has been released to the press is the following:

But upon entering the house, the lead officer got into a struggle with a 46-year-old woman – the little girl’s grandmother – and the gun discharged, firing a bullet into Aiyana Stanley Jones’ neck.

I can think of a couple reasons the woman would resist officers, one of which is that she didn’t believe they were the police. I fail to see how a struggle resulted in a gunshot into the neck. An AD requires two broken rules to result in injury or a fatality. Obviously someone’s finger was on the trigger while not on target, and muzzle control was not maintained.

While I understand the claim of struggle that to me seems nothing more than an excuse given this video from another raid.

The Corgi was killed by a ricochet with the child behind the dog. It is a miracle the kid was uninjured.

Back to the new no-knock incident I would like to point out that the department is investigating one of their own. How do we know that this “struggle” actually occurred and it is NOT just that he didn’t properly verify the target prior to pulling the trigger?

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