And the new games begin.

Mayor Daley and his group of cronies have already started working on their new methods of victim disarmament after the McDonald ruling. Due to the ruling they can no longer maintain an outright ban so instead they have a new solution to their self constructed crisis.

“One handgun is sufficient for self-defense. We believe that a limitation on the number of handguns to one-per-person-per-residence would be consistent with Supreme Court” rulings overturning handgun bans in Chicago and Washington D.C., Georges told the City Council’s Police Committee.

What research was done to reach the conclusion that one firearm is sufficient? If you allow one firearm, why do you need to further restrict them? Reading further provides their warped answers.

“Limiting the number of handguns to one-per-person would reduce the number of handguns in circulation, reduce the ability of people to act as straw purchasers of handguns for others who are not entitled to possess handgun and reduce the number of handguns that would be available to children in the home.”

Oh, so they are just going to limit the rights of law abiding citizens to help enforce laws currently on the books? I fail to understand how laws stop someone who is intent on breaking the law from violating them. Just like a lock will not keep someone out who is intent on breaking into my house. But their heinous restrictions don’t stop at just one gun limitations.

A Chicago ban on gun dealers would be similarly motivated, Georges said. She noted that there are 45 dealers within 13 miles of the city’s limits and ten within one mile.

“Gun dealers have access to large quantities of guns. Gun stores, therefore, present a serious risk of guns flowing quickly into the community and into the hands of criminals through theft or through illegal trafficking,” Georges said.

Your new solution to outlawing guns becomes obvious; don’t outlaw the guns, just outlaw the dealers. If we can’t prevent someone from owning one, just prevent them from buying one. This follows along the same line that was used in the Heller decision regarding fully automatic weapons.

Accordingly, under Heller, Fincher’s possession of the guns is not protected by the Second Amendment. Machine guns are not in common use by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes and therefore fall within the category of dangerous and unusual weapons that the government can prohibit for individual use. Furthermore, Fincher has not directly attacked the federal registration requirements on firearms, And we doubt that any such attack would succeed in light of Heller.

It is ironic that the legality of machine guns would be determined by common use because it is artificial regulation and control through the NFA and GCA of 1968 that prevents their common possession. Previously unconstitutional legislation created the conditions necessary to make it allowable under the constitution according to the court. However the law is not a fluid object subject to interpretation or changing political environments, it either is legal or it is not. There is no grey area. Just the same there is no gray area about whether a law is trampling someone’s rights or not. Also I feel that the phrase “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” to be quite clear and concise.

Lyle I think said it best:

Try this mind experiment, next time you see or think of someone or some activity that you hate, or that someone else hates.  Ask yourself; “who’s rights are they violating, or trying to violate?”  That’s a very clarifying and even liberating question.  If the answer is “no one’s” then move along.  Nothing to see there.  It’s time to dig in and start minding your own business, and hopefully you’ll have the freedom to mind your own business without someone trying to mind it for you.

More than playing outlawing games though, Daley and crew are not arguing facts, they are not arguing reality, they are arguing potentiality. Potentiality is not fact, it’s not reality, it hasn’t happened. Potentially Mayor Daley can run someone over with his car and flee the scene committing vehicular assault/homicide and hit and run; therefore his license should be suspended.

Ultimately anything is a potentiality, however statistics don’t lie and the potentialities they argue are some of the most outlandish around.


Side-note:There is a serious issue with the picture in the news article.

Keep your booger finger off the trigger! Especially while loading. Yet another person unfamiliar with firearms handling them for the wonderfully unbiased media.

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  2. The Saga Continues | The Minut says:

    […] knowing Daley and his previous history I doubt it. Also, with the lack of gun shops in the area, one will have a difficult time obtaining a weapon. Limit the number of handguns residents can register to one per month and prohibit residents from […]