Mexican Prisoners Acted as Hitmen

Back in 2008 we were being informed that the source of 90% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico were being supplied from America and smuggled in to the country. These numbers were railed and the truth exposed about how the statistics were completely twisted. So when this came across my email today I was, needless to say, not terribly shocked.

Prisoners in a northern Mexico jail were allowed out at night to carry out murder-for-hire jobs using jail guards’ weapons and vehicles, officials said Sunday, revealing a level of corruption that is stunning even in a country where prison breakouts are common as guards look the other way.

So let me get this straight. Prisoners in jail for breaking the law were let out, supplied with weapons, vehicles, and clothing. Yet those guns were somehow magically supplied by American smugglers, NOT the Mexican government. Heaven forbid anyone actually look at what the problem really is. Evidently the media and other bigots think the only solution is to restrict the rights of honest, hard working law abiding citizens.

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