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A few years ago you could count on a raft of bad anti-gun laws getting passed after a nutjob killed someone. Now the gun banners can’t even get Obama to listen to them. –Alan

[Thankfully this is true.  I was very young when the original assault weapon ban occurred.  I had the benefit of growing up around firearms.  I got my first firearm when I was 8, first time I shot a firearm though I was three and a half, my dad said I grinned from ear to ear.  I remember coming home from school and my dad writing letters to congressman, because every time he turned around there was a new attack.  As I got older I began to see what was going on, especially when I fully learned about Ruby Ridge.  I was fully introduced to that incident when I was the same age as his son.  It was at that moment my whole view of the world changed.  I realized this wasn’t really about guns, it was about power and control.  Junior year of high school I discovered a book on one of the book shelves(we had lots of books).  The cover though caught my attention.

Amazingly it was unread even by my father, he did read it immediately after me in a 3 day binge.  I started reading it immediately.  In the begging while setting up the plot there were a few events that even I couldn’t believe that he was using to set the tone.  Sadly Google broke my heart and educated me to the actual gravity of the situation.  In another instance though I was provided hope.  I read that whole book in about a week, reading it even through my classes.

After reading Unintended Consequences I realized there was even more at stake than just power and control.  There’s a whole culture under attack.  Those outside of it don’t understand, but if you ever go to a major shooting event it becomes obvious, it’s a culture.

Thankfully the events at the end of that book have not come to pass yet.  Many throughout our culture have stepped up to educate and inform those on the outside.  Because of this the response has been considerably more constrained than it would have been even 7 years ago.

While the war certainly hasn’t been won, these events show us how far we’ve come.  Even more importantly it didn’t go down like the beginning of Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

If you haven’t read Unintended Consequences, I highly suggest you do.



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