Just mind your own business!

A man was having a cell phone conversation in his car while parked in a parking lot.  It was then rudely interrupted by the police.

After identifying the vehicle and person in question, Hughes said a decision was made on the scene for police to attempt contact. They were able to communicate with him and he voluntarily exited the vehicle. No weapon was found and the individual was taken into custody without incident less than 20 minutes after police arrived on scene.

What the hell did they take the man into custody for.  Because the following sentence is this wonderful item:

The individual was talking on a cell phone at the time of the incident. It’s likely that is the object the passerby identified as a gun.

A note to whoever the idiot was that called it in, mind your own freaking business.  You took 20 minutes of this man’s life over a phone call because you can’t differentiate a cell phone from a gun.  Plus all the people who’s days were disrupted trying to conduct their business.  Not to mention the police department who were too stupid to evaluate the situation and realize that the person who called it in needs a swift kick to the ass.  What would have happened if that person had been legally carrying.  Now he had a weapon in the car and it becomes and argument of he said she said.  He just “switched” to the phone.  Mind your own business unless you’re in fear for your life, and in that case return fire.  I’m sure in a previous life the individual that called lived in Germany and had all of his neighbors hauled off.  We can’t have anyone doing anything that someone else doesn’t have their approval for.  Heaven forbid someone talk on their cell phone while sitting in a parking lot instead of while barreling down the highway at 60MPH.  End Rant.

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