Why does the ATF still exist?

The ATFs gun smuggling program has finally gotten the attention of our elected representatives

“These extremely serious allegations were accompanied by detailed documentation which appears to lend credibility to the claims and partially corroborates them,” Grassley wrote.

This whole sequence of events reads like the plot out of Enemies Foreign and Domestic.  No spoilers here so go read it, suffice it to say, I’ve heard this play before hopefully this one ends better.  Especially since the ATFs budget is up to get slashed

The proposed ATF cutbacks, which would amount to nearly $160 million out of a $1.25 billion budget request – a 12.8 percent reduction that would also be 3.6 percent below the current budget – are outlined in a preliminary budget document obtained by The Washington Post. ATF spokesman Scot Thomasson declined to comment, because the budget process was not complete.

This agency continually harasses law abiding citizens who are doing no harm to anyone but merely minding their own business.  Doing that though gets them more press time and funding that nailing someone with a pack of camels from across state lines. On the upside it appears that their plan to use smuggling as the justification to increase their budget may have royally backfired now that it had congressional attention that they were moving material across the border.

H/T to Alan.

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