When chicken little is proved wrong…

It creates a bunch of Sad Panda’s

When the law first went into effect, opponents argued there would be more crime and weapons assaults. That has largely proven to not be the case, Lorain County Sheriff Phil Stammitti said.
“We haven’t had any big problems since the law took effect in 2004,” Stammitti said.

Un amazingly the ability to get concealed weapons permits has not resulted in a rash of road rage shootings, a raise in violent crime, or simple arguments resulting in more shootings.  I what I loved seeing most though was this in the article.

Here in Lorain County, since 2004, a total of 5,416 concealed carry licenses have been issued. In 2010 alone, the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office issued 852 new licenses, according to data provided by the Attorney General’s Office and Sgt. Diana Nicholl. In 2009, 798 licenses were issued. The number of new applicants has grown annually since 2006.

Seeing that number increase year over year is a wonderful thing.  Yet some still think we are children and should be treated as such.

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