Robbery by employment

Today TMW was happy she had a “job interview”.  I use quotes because it ends up it was really just a job offer.  It would be a regular day shift which makes life considerably easier on us.  Rotating schedules and night shifts are a pain.

So the above was the “Yea”, now for the “Boo”.  It ends up that this job offer had one string, one serious string which has placed my rage meter through the roof.

Image courtesy of Robb Allen found via JayG

This string violates one of our core morals, evidently the facility CNAs are unionized.  She has no choice if she takes the position, she must join the union and pay 3%, yes 3%, of her salary to the union.  She must pay 3% of her earnings so that someone can “represent” her, to “collectively raise wages” and aid in the event of “wrongful” termination.

Think about that for a second, the dues paid to the union are a percentage of wages and the union is collectively bargaining for higher wage.  They make more money by getting raises for workers that aren’t that productive.   The union automatically gets new members when someone wants a job.  They get new income to use to support their political ends, because someone wants to work.  They get this income even if the new employee does not want anything to do with the union.

Unions are dying.  Especially when you consider the fact that many are in unions because they are given no choice to get employment.  Morally we have a serious issue, we want absolutely nothing to do with the union.  She doesn’t have to take the new job, but she would actually make more in the new position, the commute is considerably shorter, and the hours and schedule would be more regular.  The difference in pay is more considerable when given the fact she is paying more in income tax to a state she doesn’t live in than she would in dues. The main thing we want is the shorter commute, and the wage isn’t really higher than Idaho, it is mainly the shift in taxes versus dues. She would take the job even if she was returning back to the night shift. Those extra perks are nice, but we’d ditch them to get rid of the union.  At the same time Unions have helped contribute to the fiscal problems in government and need to be destroyed.  The union of choice in this case also appears to be one of the most despicable, SEIU.

Unions are pointless and do nothing more than take money to fund politicians that wouldn’t get elected any other way.  Now it ends up that their method of collection is by force, preventing employment of those unwilling to pay.  If you want to work, you have to be willing to fund whoever they like.  If we really had “free employment”, union membership would be optional and not forced.  Though if that were to ever happen, unions would finally die and their power would be lost.

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