Some are Bat Shit Crazy

It ends up that there is a animal problem in a high school in Louisiana.

Attempts to rid McDonogh 35 High School of bats that have been flying around the third floor are being hampered due to the fact that officials have been told these bats are an endangered species and can’t be exterminated.

Some people seriously lack the ability to think.  The bats present a health hazard to the students and those working in the building.  I’m sure if it wasn’t a public school, OSHA would be breathing down their necks to get money.  Think about that for a second, one agency would require their expedient removal for health and safety, the other would fine them for removing the animals improperly. 

Overall this environmental crap has gotten out of control, the health and well being of people come first.  Especially since it’s not as if the bats were nested there as we colonized America, the school didn’t even exist yet.  Maybe the winged vermin are on the endangered species list because they made some poor habitat choices, including picking a home where a two legged predator lives.

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