Another lost classmate

Caused by another person from my graduating class.  This whole incident was one big gigantic bag of fail from bad decisions that was just waiting to happen.

Michael R. Fiorini , 26, was charged with fatally shooting Christopher D. Johnson , 27, around 3:15 a.m. Thursday.

Fiorini and his ex-girlfriend broke up in 2004 after dating for five years, according to court documents. He had been physically abusive, she told detectives.

The woman said she and Johnson had been dating about a month.

Ok this is the first sign that you had a very poor choice in a relationship at least you were smart enough to finally see it and get out.

Court documents give the following account:

After seeing Fiorini recently at a bar, the woman had started texting and talking on the phone with him. They were talking and texting the night of the shooting when Fiorini text-messaged her that Johnson wasn’t good for her.

You run into your physically abusive ex in a bar and decide it’s a good idea to start chatting again?  Then he finds out you have a new boyfriend, who thinks this could possibly end well?  Most certainly one should at least arm themselves when dealing with an abusive ex.

Fiorini said he was going to come over and kill Johnson.

The woman, 27, replied she would call police if he came over. He called 12 more times but she didn’t answer.

So yeah, how did that relying on the police work out for you.  The woman was lucky to get out of this incident alive, however her new boyfriend Chris was not.  The second the threat was issued given his previous history it should have been considered very real.  Numerous poor choices contributed to this event.  I really wish this would have ended better, if Fiorini ended up an addition to the Dead Goblin Count I wouldn’t be upset, but sadly in this case it was the innocent man caught in the middle.  Also if you hear your wife or girlfriend scream in the middle of the night, who comes out unarmed?

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