Well There’s A Problem

There is a serious problem when you let people give themselves raises from the public coffers and the City of Denver has been so kind to demonstrate it for us.

After spirited debate Monday, Denver’s City Council voted 10-3 to tentatively approve a 6.6 percent raise for the next sitting council and every other elected official — an increase to be delayed for half of their four-year terms.

The city is facing a $100 million budget shortfall for the 2012 budget and has a structural budget problem that, if not addressed, could balloon into a $500 million deficit by 2030.

In an economy where most people are struggling to make ends meet, are doing everything they can to save money and cut their personal deficit the city council voted to give themselves a raise from the public coffers increasing the already large deficit.  You do not save money or cut down on debt by spending more.

Many companies have not given their employees raises over the past couple years and even more took a reduction in equal to what they were making.  While the rest of America is tightening it’s belts, these individuals are choosing to spend more money that isn’t their and rack up more debt that they are neither responsible or accountable for.  I hope come election time the 10 that voted yes will have opponents and be voted out of office.  Hopefully their replacements will immediately work to revert the wages back.  Obviously many in the government still don’t seem to understand the concept of spending within your means.

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