Some must die for others to be a “Hero”

An off duty cop, not in uniform shot a man in front of his wife in his own house today.  The man ran after the off duty officer pulled a gun and yelled at the individual he was a cop and proceeded to run at him.

Moments later, "Josh ran into the house, slammed the door and fell," said Britton, 22.

"I said, ‘What are you running for?’ And then he [the off-duty cop] opened the door like he was welcome in our house," Britton said.

"He didn’t have a badge. He didn’t have a warrant. He took a breath, looked at me, and shot Josh. And then he turned and ran."

The officer needs to be jailed, he is responsible, there’s numerous versions of the story but he should have called police instead of running up kicking in the door of the house and just shooting him.  The cop was not in uniform, not on duty, not in his jurisdiction, and had no real business other than calling in what he perceived to be suspicious behavior.  I honestly wish in this case the home owner had shot the off duty cop, the guy obviously wanted to be a hero and sadly this individual may pay for this cops desire with his life.

If you’re not in uniform, call the police, it’s what you tell us to do.  Stop looking for problems and creating situations because you want to be a hero.  You wrongfully shot this man and honestly committed murder.  I’m sure since he’s a cop though they’ll let him walk free, they always do.

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