Quote of the Day–Patrick(05/02/2011)

However, I think this quote from her is proof that because they act with a hive mind, they believe we do as well.  As if I’m sitting here, in IRC, telling others what to publish on her blog.  I’ve been in the gunbloggers channel.  We rarely even mention political gun stuff.  It’s mostly about alcohol, NSFW pics, and just general insanity.

Patrick, Joan Peterson Thinks Gunnies Are A Single Entity

[Anyone who has ever spent 10 minutes around gunnies knows that Patrick nailed this on the head.  We do not plan, scheme, or otherwise come up with hive strategies for dealing with those who would take our rights.  Instead when we get together we talk about guns, explosives, beer, sex, real alcohol, and just about anything else you can think of other than politics.  Just spending 5 minutes in the GBC will probably land you at least one NSFW link. Boobs are awesome though. If the anti-gunners come up in discussion we basically make the same comments to each other we would otherwise on their websites.

Joan, you’re a freaking idiot.  When mikeb rolls through the pro gun blogs making stupid idiotic statements, are you policing him? –B]

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  1. Patrick says:

    Thank you for the quote reference.