No Hope for Humanity

Hearing about all the suckers who believed that the rapture was yesterday was already depressing enough.  Then the heavy boot’s story spread closer than I would have liked.

I can some what understand how it could happen given unused knowledge and skills are lost.  How in the name of Zeus’s butthole is the concept of gravity so lost?  If gravity can pull heavy boots to the surface, why wouldn’t it pull down a freaking penHell Apollo 15 dropped a hammer and a feather to prove Galileo right.  The feather didn’t float off into space.  Those thoughts cause the minor depression, then I remember that these people also vote and I break out the whiskey.

At least the wife is about to finish “Unintended Consequences”, I guess that’s a glimmer of hope.  She also said the pen would fall to the surface.  Then again I am obsessed with the Apollo program.  While the cost was hugely immense, I cannot help but step back in awe as engineer and look at what all those young men did.  There is no limit to the possibility of human achievement other than the limits created by bureaucratic red tape.

H/T Ry Jones

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