What’s a No Knock Raid

I hope this will help enlighten people to the state of affairs within our country.  However it is becoming more and more obvious that the philosophy of the American public is apathy unless they are directly affected.  Most view the above not as the innocent casualties they are, but as someone who “had it coming”.  They believe that SWAT teams are only used when absolutely necessary, not with the reckless and unnecessary abandon they are used today.

SWAT teams have become the excuse for police agencies to no longer do their job or their homework.  Instead someone convinces a judge to sign a warrant and they kick down the door endangering everyone within.  In Maryland there are 4.5 SWAT raids per day.  Of those, half were for misdemeanors or non-violent felonies.  If the SWAT team invades the wrong house they are immune from prosecution.  If they use false information to obtain the warrant, don’t do their homework and terrorize innocent civilians and children, that’s ok because:

Police usually enjoy "qualified immunity" from lawsuits even when they make mistakes, as long as they were carrying out their duties responsibly, he said. Entering a residence without probable cause, however, would strip the immunity away from those officers.

In the case discussed there, the officers secured a warrant claiming the subject lived there even though they had moved out month’s earlier.  The bottom line is the police have gotten lazy, no longer do their job, and then kill innocent people in their homes and get away with it scot free.

If you’re just now arriving, Welcome to the Police State.  Too many innocents have died because of this.  One is enough to enrage me beyond belief, but look at this:

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The blue bubbles do not upset me, everything else on that map though is someone who was killed, injured, or terrorized by the police who had no cause to be.  This crap needs to end.  I would rather 1000 guilty men go free than have one innocent person killed because the cops kicked down his door.

H/T: to Uncle on the Video.

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