Where Great Britain Used to Be

Usually I usually give absolutely jack !@#%ing crap about Great Britain.  My family fought a war to separate us from those ass hats and their movement towards a forced victim populace has killed any remaining respect I have for them.  Huh, what do you mean I hear you ask.  Well lets just look at this shining example of unbelievable behavior from the UK.

Officers arriving at the scene were told that four men in dark clothing, some in balaclavas, had broken in via the back door before being repelled. It is not known whether they were armed.

A search of the area was quickly launched and within minutes police found the dying man lying on a pavement in Hospital Road, Salford.

Compare that to here in the states, where many of us enjoy castle doctrine, along with many other laws that strongly support self-defense.  For instance look at the incident in Ohio recently where a man was attacked by two individuals.  Out numbered and properly fearing for his life he shot one, causing the other to run away.  The police have ruled it a case of self-defense and no charges are being pressed.  If you think however the Brits don’t value the life of criminals over the law abiding look at these excerpts from the same article:

Greater Manchester Police later described the incident as “a tragic set of circumstances” and said they were trying to unravel precisely what happened in and around the Flanigans’ terraced house.

Coupling this with the end quote we reach the root and crux of the problem.

Asked what advice he would give local householders, he replied: “I would tell them to ring the police and to use reasonable force to protect themselves within the legal framework.

From all I can see there is no question reasonable force was used to protect themselves and their property yet they were arrested.  The laws in Great Britain have been twisted to the point where they protect the criminals from the law abiding, not the other way around.  Don’t believe me, look at the advice they give those with garden sheds, and the death of a man who merely tried to break up a fight.

Anyone who attempts to criminalize the law abiding, prevent the law abiding from defending themselves, all in the name of “safety” are nothing but Criminal Occupational Hazard Reduction Organizations.  Great Britain has been twisted so far, the law now attacks the law abiding and keeps the victims from fighting back.

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