Quote of the Day – Caleb(07/15/2011)

And then I realized something that I’ve always sort of believe but hadn’t really hit home until this morning: the traditional media is dead. Sure, they’ll shamble on like some horrid zombie repeating the same old tired lines and phrases, and of course 2012 we’ll see them full on in the tank again for Obama, but when it comes to breaking the news and doing proper investigative reporting? Yeah, you’re not really seeing that from the traditional media.

CalebPretend I said Something Smart

[No pretending required. That is a very accurate and well put statement regarding “traditional” media. I know Alan has touched on it from time to time, but traditional media is dead. There is nothing fair and balanced about the current news sources and it is a bunch of bloggers who are digging up dirt. Every blogger has something of their own they care about and has other stuff in the wings they watch. The benefit it the primary stuff is what brings everyone together and news from each our own little wings can take off like wild fire. We’re playing our strengths off each other and doing it quite well.

Weer’d the other day pointed how each of us adds onto the previous like one big circle jerk. The thing is that’s what makes us so damn powerful. We all approach it differently and connect dots that the rest of us haven’t seen.

Caleb, we don’t have to pretend you said something smart, you nailed it on the head. It’s bloggers who are breaking investigative news, not the mainstream media. When we break the news, it’s that much more powerful since each of us have different resources to bring to the table. We’re fast, we’re relentless, and there’s a very simple reason for that. We do this for ourselves. We have no vested interests other than those we care about. No one is paying us off, some of us make money, but even then it’s usually only enough to buy lunch in a blue moon. I fund this out of my own pocket and I think I’ve only made about $1.50 from the one google ad I have up. I don’t care though because that’s not why I do this and I know that’s not the reason most of us do this. -B]

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