SSCC #18–Yonkers

A former Yonkers police officer will serve eight weekends in jail for assaulting two people in a bar while on duty last year, then falsely arresting one of them to cover up his actions.

It’s good to know that he’s spending a total of 16 days in jail for assaulting two people and then making a false arrest.  It’s such a wonderful thing to see prosecutors, judges, and police officers working together.

In all seriousness this is extremely disturbing and disappointing. Given the maximum sentence of 7 years just for the assault charges, he basically got off.  Especially when you also consider the fact he falsely arrested one of his victims.   The issues though are much deeper in the department than just him.

His partner remains the subject of an ongoing Internal Affairs investigation, Detective Sgt. Patrick McCormack said.

Guess they ran it like a team.  It took Ramirez a whole 6 months on the force to do something like this.  On the upshot at least the prick is broke, jobless, and living with his parents.  It is disconcerting that they justify the light sentence despite the fact he plead guilty to three felonies.  None of them though pertain to his abuse of power as a police officer, just “falsifying business records”.  The department may have fired him, but that’s mainly to save face.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 18

Because cops are allowed to vent and what better time than on duty and what better place than a bar when you can more easily frame the victim.

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