How to tell they’re not serious about the budget…

They put Washington State Senator Patty Murray in charge of finding 1.5 trillion to cut from the deficit.

That socialist cow has never seen a taxpayer dollar she didn’t feel like spending.  Not to mention how much she loves the TSA, Social Security, Obama Care, and ever other big government program under the sun*. I sent a letter to both Senators over Obama care, it was obvious she never read mine since she (more likely an aid) sent me a response thanking me for my support and then reiterating the lies of why it was so important to pass it.

You want to know why the S&P down graded the credit of the United States?  This is why, the government isn’t serious about cutting back spending in any way, shape, or form.  The proposed cut backs amount to pennies in comparison to the problem and even then they shove the spending cow from Washington to be in charge of it. 

I can guarantee you ever last cut is going to be from programs that will cause maximum carnage and outrage so that all the Repulicrats and Democicans can drum up support amongst the dependent voters.  The country is swirling the drain folks and I hope you’re ready cause it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Seriously, that’s like putting the fat kid at fat camp in charge of the diet.

*I’m sure that the fact that I am stating these opinions publically will have me placed on the list for reeducation when the time arrives.  She seriously is nothing more than an elitist socialist cow.

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