SSCC #22–Maricopa County

More details on the incident can be read about here.  Honestly I’m at a loss for words. That video makes me want to drive down to Maricopa county and put my boot up sheriff Joe’s ass given the abuse exhibited by that department.  This is by no means the first incident like this and it most definitely will not be the last either.  Given their use of no-knock warrants and the belief that the cop has more of a right to his life than a law abiding citizen, there’s no doubt more people are going to be tortured to death at the hands of Joe Aripaio’s thugs.

Normally I would expand further, but that video is pretty much self explanatory.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 22

Because every corrections officer should be allowed to torture and kill an inmate who is no immediate threat without fear of punishment.

h/t Bill

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