Quote of the Day–Oleg Volk (08/16/2011)

Until about 2001, I would invite friends from Russia and Europe to visit because I wanted to share my wonderful new homeland. Now I invite them with advance apologies for the indignities they are likely to endure en route from the US government agents. Hopefully, we will all be able to be proud of America again someday soon.

Sentimental Value of a FlagOleg Volk

[It makes me ashamed that this is the case.  While I could easily shift blame one way or another I cannot.  I hate and despise the TSA and feel them to be nothing more than Jack Booted Thugs preying upon the innocent and law abiding.  I was still in high school when the patriot act and the fallout from September 11th destroyed what was left.  However it has continued on my watch, and unlike our fearless leader I will accept responsibility instead of shift it.  Even if the majority of these issues are directly out of my control.

The root cause of this issue goes further back than my generation, however a generation needs to step up and take responsibility.  A generation needs to finally put it’s foot down and say enough is enough.  I am looking to my generation as we are now creating the youth of tomorrow. 

Sadly however, I’m afraid that most of my generation still hasn’t seen the light.  So here and now, to my future children* I apologize as my father did to me. 

  • I am sorry that I have not protected your freedoms and rights with as much force as I should have.
  • I am sorry that I have let people use fear to destroy liberties and freedoms that weren’t theirs to destroy.
  • I am sorry that you will never know a world where you won’t be molested while trying to fly across the country.
  • I am sorry that many of the rights and freedoms I had as a child are already gone before you’re even a glint in my eye.
  • I am sorry for the debt that my generation and the generations before have rung up in your name.

There are three parts to a sincere apology, the first is to say you’re sorry.  The second to state what you’ve done wrong.  Lastly is the question of, “How do I make it right?”  To this last part, I promise to do my best to end these issues so you should not have to live in the country the US has become.  To try and return the status of freedom and liberty to it’s once vaunted heights, so you may pursue whatever endeavors you would like for your life. –B

*no the wife isn’t pregnant currently.  It doesn’t mean I don’t owe my future children that will eventually come any less of an apology.]

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