SSCC #36–Grant County WV

10. At all relevant times mentioned herein Defendant Cooper was employed as a Grant County Sheriff Deputy and was acting in his official capacity.

21. Defendant Cooper then forced Dylan to perform oral sex and subsequently forcefully sodomized Dylan.

Seriously while reading it I kept thinking that this was going down in the back woods of Georgia and I kept hearing this in the background.  You know you’re in trouble when the cop pulls into a truck stop to have you piss into a cup that he just picked up at the hospital.

The case document doesn’t provide evidence, however I suppose when he pooped out a pile of white cream it would tie the officer to the crime.  Not to mention the injuries sustained in the event. 

Seriously read the sequence of events in the charging documents, it’s quite disturbing since that could easily have been anyone.

I’ll let it stand unless something comes out later at which point I’ll retract it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 36

Because how else is someone to act out Deliverance for real?

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