SSCC #37–Seaside Heights NJ

It appears that not only did they attempt to intimidate this individual into no longer filming in public, but the also beat him numerous times including while in jail.  They use false charges to arrest the individual.

As I have said previously, if you have a problem with the public video taping you while on duty, maybe you should reevaluate your behavior.  You know video’s of cops when they do something bad take off like wildfire.  Just the same they take off when they do something good as well.*

Because cops are exempt from having their behavior being documented in public.  How else would the public know about their abuses and misdeeds?

*I do need to send an email to the Oceanside Police department praising them for the actions of that officer.  It does provide me with a glimmer of hope seeing other officers who behave like that.  I just wish the good ones would help reign in the bad ones.

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