SSCC #40 & #41, Concord, CA

According to the indictment, Wielsch, 50, and Butler, 50, are alleged to have participated together in criminal activities made possible by Wielsch’s position as the commander of the Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET).

Wielsch, aided and abetted by Butler, stole from county evidence facilities methamphetamine and marijuana that had been seized in CNET operations. Wielsch and Butler sold some of the stolen narcotics and intended to sell the remainder.

Wielsch and Butler participated together in a phony "sting" operation in which they falsely detained a person under the guise of a legitimate law enforcement operation, conducted warrantless searches, and kept narcotics that were taken from the person during the "sting."

Drugs, money, and sex.  The trifecta for a triple word score.  Nothing quite like using a badge and a gun to make sure that you’re the only game in town.  It explains why the drug cartels are dealing with the DEA for protection

What better way to make money than deal drugs and rough up prostitutes.  Best part is the drugs were from other drug dealers.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 41

Because vice only applies to those who don’t work for the state.  If you work for the state, run guns and deal drugs all you want.

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