SSCC #50

I did not see a single reason in that video for the use of force.  (Not to mention the videographer is a douchebag.)  A Taser is not the correct level of force to get someone to comply with a verbal command.  It is the sign of a lazy cop who believes that over escalation of force is the solution to his problem.

But that’s not all folks because the situation gets even better.

In the video, the man allegedly refused to comply with the officer’s commands to put his hands down, according to a woman in the video who saw the incident. The man taking the video stated several times on the video and to the officer that the man who had been stunned was mentally challenged.

The reason for the arrest was the following:

The 41-year-old Prescott Valley man was arrested and originally charged with felony resisting arrest and misdemeanor using abusive language to provoke, according to the police report.

Let me translate for those of you who do not understand the full meaning of those two quotes above.  I have a nice video that will help explain it.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 50

Because the use of force is totally justified when someone is being verbally abusive.  It’s also a reason to arrest someone, can’t have those serfs stepping out of line.

Update: After reading the article I found there’s no question there was a need for lawful contact given the person’s behavior. However, the taser was still well beyond the level of force necessary to make the suspect compliant.

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2 Responses to SSCC #50

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Wow what a jerk!  We don’t hear what the officer was attempting to do, but certainly no force was needed at all.

    Also bonus points for the old bitch who decides she needs to chide strangers about her worldly knowledge (or at least share that she’s also a bit slow in the learning and understanding department)


    • Yeah, it seemed like she was upset they were filming it.  I am very glad they did, though I still think the guy who filmed it is an ass.  I don’t wish the taser on anyone, more especially someone who doesn’t have his entire faculties.

      From what I’ve been able to find the officer was upset he didn’t turn around when asked.  There were other ways to deal with that exact issue than deploying a taser.

      I find it a fitting ass to make #50.