SSCC #54–San Jose

A veteran San Jose police officer with a history of alleged misconduct has been accused of molesting two teenage boys, authorities said.

Authorities accuse D’Arrigo, 44, of molesting the boys, ages 15 and 17, at his Gilroy home. Gilroy police apparently began investigating D’Arrigo two years ago, authorities said.

Supposedly this officer held parties at his house and liquored up kids from the school he was responsible for.  That’s right he’s a campus officer for a high school.  That’s where he found and groomed his victims.

An earlier investigation found evidence, and identified two victims, however in true SSCC fashion no charges were filed against the officer.  A witness has now allowed the DA to move forward.

To put the finishing icing on the cake though, he also helped cover up the DUI of a fellow officer in 2008.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 54

Because being a state employee automatically means you couldn’t possibly be a sexual predator.

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