Late to the meme

Like Alan I’m late to the meme party.  My buddy Phil put this up and for some reason I didn’t even think much about it.  Stupid work, because I love soundtrack questions like thatAlan’s choice to use as his ammo runs out is down right awesome.  Tam’s is down right slick

I have to admit it’s something hard to think about since it would mean that I made a horrible decision in planning.  I mean large zombie hordes are why I have Joe teaching me about explosives.  Why use a rifle to take out 2 or 3 when I can blow 20 to hell and gone from a nice distance?  But assuming I utterly screwed the pooch in planning what would I want slinging across my MP3 Player?

This would work… not too fast, and provides the motivation necessary to WIN!

Even if I run out of ammo, by god between my bayonet and my rifle I’m leaving as the last son of a bitch still standing on top of the hill.  I can stab, bludgeon, and otherwise fight by any other means necessary.

Runner’s up.

Night on Bald Mountain

Still Alive

Keep Hope Alive – Crystal Method

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