SSCC #103/104 – Miami-Dade Police

This young man had done nothing wrong.  These officer were out looking for a good time, nothing more.  Not to mention the fact that he quite obviously through his appearance and speech has down syndrome.  He was the perfect victim for these bored officers to abuse.

A bulge could be any of a number of things that do not include a weapon.  I can think of many which are health related.  I have a friend who has a bulge due to an insulin pump.  My dad had a bulge from his pain meds just before he passed away.  This doesn’t even include the idea that maybe clothes got bunched up, or they are concealing something they would just rather not have seen.

The idea that concealing something automatically provides a reason for law-enforcement to stop, detain, and search you is disconcerting on so many levels it’s not even funny.  Especially since a search is not legal unless you are being placed under arrest.

Looking at this from another point of view, what if that had been a legal concealed carrier?  That person could have been easily ventilated on the sidewalk by what appears to be Officer Roid-Rages yet another of cousins.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 103, 140  Officer John Doe 1*, and Officer John Doe 2*

Because a bulge is the first sign you’re about to have a good time, well at least that’s what she said.

*If you find the names of the officers, please contact me

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