SSCC #111: Nampa PD

Here we have a golden example of an incident that qualifies for the State Sponsored Criminal Count

The lawsuit was filed by NPD investigator Leonard Claunts, Lt. Joe Huff and Sgt. Curtis Shankel, who all worked in the department’s Internal Affairs division and say they reported various wrongdoing and policy violations by officers and supervisors to top police administrators to no avail. Frustrated by the lack of response, they ultimately conveyed their concerns to the mayor, City Council and human resources director, according to the lawsuit.

The fourth plaintiff is Leonard Claunts’ wife, Ginger, who reportedly emailed Human Resources Director Ed Simmerman last November, alleging various issues of public safety and misuse of public funds. About the same time, Shankel sent an anonymous letter to Mayor Dale and the City Council about the same general issues, according to the complaint.

Now when you read that you see that police officers are filing a law suit against their own department.  Why would they do a thing like that?  Because the whole system, city included, is so corrupt that they are harassing the officers attempting to blow the whistle.

The lawsuit claims Augsburger threatened to sue two of the officers for slander, reassigned Lt. Huff and took various retaliatory actions against all three, ranging from a negative performance review to downgrading their police vehicles and office space. One month ago, according to the lawsuit, all three officers were served with “personnel notices” from Augsburger and told that the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office would conduct an internal affairs investigation against them.

These men were attempting to do the right thing, which was their job, and have been stonewalled, harassed, and intimidated into stopping.  The mayor was actively ignoring the situation and was ensuring that the responsible parties were protected.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 111 Too many to count or name

Because if you’re stealing money and IA catches wind, bribe the mayor and chief.  They’ll cover your ass.

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