SSCC #114–Manchester PD

The statements from the police department and the school say’s it all.

This is by no means the first time for an incident like this, but at least this kid was lucky enough to live.  This was your normal sibling harassment.  My sister and I used to pick on each other all the time like this.  The school officials injected themselves into the situation unnecessarily, including searching his sisters property without consent.  The officer then proceeded to use force after the student asked why he was being suspended.

This is what happens when you put bored police officers in positions of power.  Not to mention the fact that many school administrators claim, wrongfully, that students are exempt from the Bill of Rights, as well as other basic rights.  No they are not, not to mention the fact that those rights are inalienable, and no lien can be placed upon them because of age, gender, sex, creed, or any other reason.  Those rights are non-negotiable and you have violated them.  It was obvious that the school was nervous about the situation, as well they should be, by the fact that they were attempting to destroy and suppress the evidence.

None of my teachers were ever dumb enough to lay a hand on me, ever.  These teachers attempted to unlawfully restrain a student while documenting a interaction with a public official in a public building.  News flash to all involved, those teachers are public employees as well.  While at work I do not think they have a right to privacy when it comes to their employment.  If a student wants to document something they find questionable they have every right to.

This whole incident is just another example of how the educational system is deluding students into sacrificing their rights and providing a method for Officer Roid Rage to get his rocks off.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 114 Det. Murphy

Because the job of school police officers is to use excessive force against students without care or worry.

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