On the Puppy Killing Swat Teams – SSCC #116 & #117

Apparently beat cops now joining their jack booted brethren in shooting dogs anytime they get the chance.

That dog was not a threat, it was not aggressive, it was on a leash pole to boot. Do you expect any animal to be happy about being captured like that? What the hell is wrong Lagrange Police department?  Is this standard operating procedure to catch a dog and then execute it?

In the words of Jack Swager, “I don’t think you understand, they killed my dog.” 

Jay’s rage meter doesn’t even go high enough to display my level of pissed off.  There is no doubt these men are still on the force.  After all it was just a dog right.  No matter that one of the characteristics of a budding serial killer is someone who tortures and kills animals, especially those placed in a defenseless state.  I see no reason to have shot that animal, it just wanted to be left alone.  If anything that police officer was the aggressive animal in that situation and should have been shot*.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 117 Doug Howell and his Partner

Because why should the swat team be the only ones to get to kill puppies?  Especially since the beat cops catch them first before shooting them.

h/t Uncle

*I don’t normally wish harm amongst other people, but I wouldn’t shed a tear if either of these asshats house burned down with them in it.  Seriously, I find value in human life, and I find it despicable when the anti-rights folks wish harm upon others.  This situation though I think is an exception to my rule.

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